October 7, 2005

Fun fun fun!

Well, I had an AWESOME time this week. As you can see, I got to see and participate in alot of cool stuff. I was a Stand In most of the time for David Koetchner and Gary Cole but I also did some utility stand in as well. I got to extra a little for some crowd scenes on both sides of the track for the crash and foot race scenes. I learned alot about the business from the Casting Associates and some of the PAs as well.

Oh, check this out: If you have the Forrest Gump DVD, go to the scene selections and go to #12 or "Forrest on the shrimp boat". In that general time period in the movie find the scene where Jenny almost jumps off the balcony. Take a look at the drugged out boyfriend that she has in that scene. That guy's name is Matt Rebenkoff and he was our 1st AD (he basically ran the whole show and did all the leg work while Adam made the final decisions). He was very knowlegeable and kept everybody straight. I just thought it was funny to see him in that scene.

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