January 7, 2009

Are we all going to die? Planet X (Nibiru), 2012 and the end of the Mayan calendar

Have you heard the rumors going around? The Earth is going to be turned into a wasteland starting in the year 2012!
Apparently this is a fairly popular rumor floating around the internet at websites like Your Own World USA.com, Planetxvideo.com and a whole boatload of videos on YouTube.

The theory is that this planet is the ancient Sumerian planet Marduk or Nibiru and it is the eleventh planet in our solar system that has a large orbit that is off center from the rest of the planets. It appears once every 3600 years and has caused destruction and chaos every time it rolls around. According to some ancient extra-Biblical texts, Nibiru was the cause of the plagues of Egypt, Noah's Flood, and it was the star of Bethlehem that led the wisemen to Jesus.

In 1976, a new age-writer by the name of Zecharia Sitchin linked the Planet X-problem of the astronomers up with the Sumerian and Babylonian mythology of Tiamat and Marduk. (You may have heard him on the popular radio show Coast-To-Coast with Art Bell or George Noory).

I admit, I was a little bit freaked out. I spent a whole day this week watching videos and reading about Planet X. Then I started looking for real scientific proof and hard astronomical facts and couldn't find any. Finally, I found this very logical web page by the fine people at Exitmundi.nl. I don't want to copy or redistribute the writing and facts that they have already researched here. So I would suggest anyone that has further questions about Planet X to go check them out.

Then in a still small voice I heard Psalms 116:7:
Be at rest once more, O my soul,
for the LORD has been good to you.
and I felt better because I know God is in control... :-)

Update! Another great debunking post is available at: Astrogeek


  1. Hannah10:27 PM

    You're so right, God is in control...but haven't you wondered if there is some truth to this? A lot of different people have come up with an end of the world date around that time. I'm not saying that God told them that or that it's absolutely true, but a part of me wonders if there is going to be some kind of big event leading to the end of the world at that time.

  2. I agree... that's why I'm not fully convinced one way or another. I guess my point was, do your own research and make a smart decision.
    I think I'm still going to start up a "survival kit" just in case... can't hurt.

  3. Hi;

    Can you update the link to my post to be either http://astrogeek.wordpress.com/hoax/ or http://bit.ly/2012hoax ?

    The former link now points to the hoax page, but wordpress.com doesn't let me do redirects.

  4. Done! sorry been busy. I get some great link love from your site! Thanks for keeping me up there. I point everyone that has questions about 2012 to your page.

  5. Nibiru isn't the only "doomsday" suggestion for 2012. While Nibiru isn't real in a 2012 sense, ancient cultures were capable of predicting perhaps a major solar storm or the return of a comet...