March 1, 2007

Blogger on Ice -

This is a broad human rights violation... Please read this and visit the site. This is one of the freedoms that we in America enjoy, yet take for granted; The freedom of speech. In most other countries this is what happens when you dare to voice your opinion....

Blogger on Ice -

"Blogger on Ice
Once again Egypt's Hosni Mubarak shows zero tolerance for a secular democratic dissenter.
Wednesday, February 28, 2007; Page A18

THE BUSH administration has tolerated Egypt's brutal crackdown on domestic dissent and the broader reversal of its democratic spring of 2005 in part because President Hosni Mubarak argues that his adversaries are dangerous Islamic extremists. It's true that the largest opposition movement in Egypt is the Muslim Brotherhood; how dangerous it is can be debated. But what is overlooked is that Mr. Mubarak reserves his most relentless repression not for the Islamists -- who hold a fifth of the seats in parliament -- but for the secular democrats who fight for free elections, a free press, rights for women and religious tolerance.

The latest case in point is a blogger named Abdel Kareem Nabil Soliman, who was sentenced to four years in prison last week on charges of religious incitement, disrupting public order and 'insulting the president.' A brave and provocative 22-year-old student, Mr. Soliman first achieved notice with postings that denounced riots in Alexandria directed at Egypt's Christian Copt minority. He said the brutality he witnessed was the result of extremist Islamic teachings, in part by his own university, Al-Azhar, which he called 'the other face of al-Qaeda.' He compared the prophet Muhammad to Israel's Ariel Sharon. And he said Mr. Mubarak was a 'symbol of tyranny.'"

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