March 3, 2007

Bush visits school devastated by twister - Yahoo! News

Bush visits school devastated by twister - Yahoo! News:
"Bush visits school devastated by twister By DEB RIECHMANN, Associated Press Writer
34 minutes ago

ENTERPRISE, Ala. - On a mournful mission, President Bush climbed over piles of concrete, roofing, insulation, broken glass and textbooks Saturday that littered Enterprise High School, battered by a tornado that killed eight students.

Down hallway three, lined by blue lockers, he went in private, the corridor where the students died and scores more were trapped in Thursday's storm. The president also saw the wing — now just rubble — where students had hunkered down as the tornado approached.
'Today I have walked through devastation that is hard to describe,' he said, standing with students, one of whom had a tear running down her face. 'Our thoughts go out to the students who perished. Thank God for hundreds who lived,' he said."

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