November 19, 2008

Arrrgh! Pirates in deez waters!

According to BBC News, Pirates are on the loose! No, its not Johnny next door downloading the latest "Tropic Thunder" bit torrent to burn and sell to you, nor is it Stacie making you a copy of her iTunes library with the latest Britney and T-Pain tracks. Its actual pirates... with ships and weapons taking over middle eastern and Indian merchant ships.

It is now being reported that an Indian navy warship has fired on and sank one of the pirate motherships after it refused to stop for investigation.

Some of the pirates have recently held a Saudi-Arabian supertanker hostage and are reported to have collected more than $30m in ransoms this year.

Excuse me while I grab my parrot. Shiver me timbers! I realize that its a serious political issue but I like reading about pirates. Just thought it was interesting. Now you know the kindof nerd I AM...


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