November 5, 2008

The Horse Neighs (about the election)

(AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

Yea, I kindof feel like crying, laughing and sleeping all at the same time.

I'm crying for our country and the HUGE step we just took in a direction of a large Paleozoic / political and moral tar pit that we won't realize that we've stepped in until a few months down the road when we've been eaten by the T-Rex called Socialism. I'm crying for the ignorant who voted without investigating and fact checking their "Savior", who may turn out to be a Wizard of Oz type "man behind the curtain". I can really feel this lady's pain as she see's our country headed off into oblivion...

I'm just laughing at all the people that were doing goofy stuff, like: crying and screaming over... a politician?!?! (Yea, I guess I'm sounding insensitive but convince me otherwise...) Do some of you have Tigerbeat posters on your walls of Obama and kiss them every night before you go to bed? Because I saw some grown ass people acting like teeny boppers at an NSYNC conc(AP Photo/Rob Griffith)ert... This is the most emotional crowd that I have ever seen for a politician in my life. I must say, "well played Obama". Emotions = response in humans. The democrats finally figured out that connection and played it to its fullest.

I'm laughing at the people who think this is concert. And that when they go home at the end of the night, they can just go back to their lives the next day like nothing happened... Get ready America, things are about to change. I hope that one night of emotional fun and good warm fuzzy feelings on November 4th will last you through the cold 4 years to follow when we find out what Obama's policies and character really do to not only the backbone of our country but each of us as individuals. Less choices, less oportunities, less "change" in our pockets... I guess its not so funny anymore... I'll go to the next one...

I feel like sleeping... Hoo hum... socialism just makes me sleepy... I don't really have to try that hard any more. I don't have to bust my ass and make something of myself. I don't have to be creative and find new and innovative ways to improve myself and provide for my family... The government will take care of that now.
Nationalized health care... bring it on! Government spending on pork barrel projects that we don't really need. Nyehh... why should I really care. And if I'm really poor at the bottom. The government will give me tons of money and I can hang around the house all day playing some sweet Gears of War 2 on my tricked out XBox 360,000 that I bought with all the money that the government gave me for being po'. Its a new concept called "trickle UP" economics. What? You didn't learn about it in school? In your college economics classes? Well, its kindof a new concept, it was just invented. Not alot of people know about it. See you give poor people money, THEN, they go out and buy a nice keg of beer and some chicken wings and throw a party one night. THEN they wake up with a huge hangover the next day, call in to work for a day or two, and finally decide to show back up at McDonald's a few days later just to try to keep the lights on. Where did the money "Trickle UP" to you may ask? You're local Walmart got the sale of the beer and chicken wings, but since they have been so heavily taxed because they were a "BIG EVIL CORPORATION" they passed the "savings" onto the consumer, so they barely make a profit. Meanwhile the net gain for the economy is lost when your poor party man, skips work for a few days / weeks / or maybe just never goes back to work. So we've lost productivity and motivation in our blue collar work force and basically the middle man makes a small profit on disposable goods and quick sell items. The economy slumps. No real tangable raw product is required or produced by business, or industry. We become a country of beer-drinking-chicken-eaters.

Ok, my above example is a little oversimplified and you'll probably find a hole in the logic if you look hard enough, but its just an example of the poor economic situation we will have in the future for our kids and their kids... As Yoda said "Once you start down that road, forever will it dominate your destiny..."

So, tomorrow I'll try to be optimistic and hope that Obama has something up his sleave that makes me smile like a magician makes the kids at the birthday party smile (Cuz he talks so funny and makes me laugh and feel warm inside). But the day is coming when that magician is going to take MY piece of birthday cake and give 3/4 of it to Suzie's little bratty brother who cries alot because he was running around with his cake and it fell on the ground. Then I'm going to be steaming mad and may do something slightly underhanded to get back my share. (Just kidding, I would never do anything "slightly" underhanded...)

But, I'm just glad that its over. I'm tired of politics for a while. I'll give it a few months and I'll be back... Now I can get back to fun stuff like Graphic Design and Photography, maybe even a little screenplay writing for my next short film. Stay tuned on THE HORSE for more creative stuff soon!

Thanks for listening,


  1. SouthEastern Shannon10:57 AM

    Tell us how you really feel, dear. ;-P

    We don't agree, but I appreciate your passion.

  2. Kelli Cannon11:49 AM

    very well put, except for the flawed phrase "they passed the 'savings' onto the consumer, so they barely make a profit." i imagine this will not be the case at all. oh, irony...

    why would any rational business work for a failing economy and pay higher taxes for it to just cut its profits. power follows money. America is essentially driving business (and therefore a prosperous economy) away.

    obama certainly will bring about change in america

  3. Thanks for reading guys. And I realized this morning that this post came more from anger and disappointment rather than spoken tactfully and compassionately. I was very disappointed and tired and angry. So, please forgive the tone of the blog. As my fiance reminded me today. You can be right and have proof and speak the proven truth till you're red in the face, but if you don't speak with tact, compassion and love, no one will listen to you or even care about your "truth". So, thanks to all you guys for actually reading and I love you all. Thanks for putting up with me.


  4. Anonymous7:11 PM

    Except for the small error,(they passed the savings on-which should be ,they pass the tax-generated expense on to the cosumer) I think you hit it right on thr head!!!!!
    "Trickle Up" has never worked and never will! Have you ever got a job from a poor man?????? Good job HORSE! Well, one person said, let's give him a chance. The problem is that we are not fooling with a small company nor a small city. We're experimenting with the most valuable thing Americans have, our country. When it is gone, there is no getting it back, we're cooked!