September 5, 2005

another exciting day

Well, didn't do much today but rest. Lindsey and Alexis came over and we watched M. Night Shayamalan's Unbreakable, which was cool, then I went to Books A Million and Wal Mart to buy needed supplies and read a little. I'm reading The Rule Of Four by Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason. I just started on the first chapter.
As you can see, I took some interesting new pics with my phone today and uploaded one from when we went to Six Flags a few months ago. The gangsta sign that my wife is throwing up is actually the amount of dollars that her cotton candy cost.

Yea, thats an actual unicorn baby there to the side. (no reason)

Looking forward to a cool Labor day tomorrow. Going over for dinner to my friend (other) Josh's for some duck and wine. He's a Chef at McCormicks and Schmicks Seafood Restaurant and going to cullinary school, so he's cookin and we're bringing the wine. What goes good with duck? hmmm... its a richer meat so probably something red... I'll go look it up... yea, just what I thought... Red Bordeaux.

Ok, anyways I found the coolest Internet radio station, now that I have DSL. Its called

Give it a listen! Its all soundtracks all the time with live requests and chat and other cool stuff.

Alrighty, I'm goin to bed... maybe more tomorrow.


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