September 7, 2005

days of boredom

I found some interesting facts about the Katrina respose below.

Also took some new pics of some of the more "kookie" people at work (you know who you are). I think I only made about 80 bucks all day out on the front patio. Oh well i got caught up on our bills today and boughts some home improvement crap at Home Dept like a shelf and a faucet sprayer thingy... (I told you this was boring).

Fred made fun of me as usual, and Miles stole my table (but I forgave him... I guess). Jackie looked like a lioness with her hair down. (I... don't really know what that means).

I think we're headed to Formagio's to sit on the patio for a while on a boring Wednesday night. I'll post something from there in a minute.

Thanx to all the people that I gave those little papers to tonight for checking out my blog.
Leave me a message if you get a chance, or heck, just go ahead and subscribe to it!

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