September 10, 2005

The phone call...

So, I got a phone call today... But this wasn't just any phone call. It was a call from the casting director from Columbia/Sony's new movie (tenatively titled) Talladega Nights, starring Will Ferrell (of Saturday Night Live) and directed by Adam McKay and the same team that did Anchorman. They chose me to be an extra! I don't know exactly what I'll be doing, but I hope I can meet some people and maybe actually get some screen time! There are rumored to be tons of cameos as well, just like in Anchorman. I can't give anything away yet though, just in case. So, I'll be off to Talladega for shooting on October 1st and 2nd at 5am! I'm so pumped! I'll post more info as the time approaches and I'll be sure to snap some pics with my phone (when I'm allowed of course). I'll blog some articles about the movie next.

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