September 8, 2005

One giant leap for mankind...

I think I've taken a baby step closer to my goal today. I attended a "Train the Trainer" class at work to become a Server Trainer. Besides the boring classes, we had a catered lunch and free Snickers minis. I aced the open book test (yea, it was tough) and got paid 10$/hour for it (which I won't ever see because it is taken out of my back taxes, which is a whole nother subject entirely...grrr). But yea, I'm a Server Trainer now at the Cheesecake Factory!

As usual I snapped a few pics at the class today:
Ashley Winkles (or just "Winkles" or "Twinkles" or "Twinkie") a little miniature Southern Belle and Stacy sittin' on the couch in the lobby at break time.

Then theres:
Donna, Pam, and Connie all dressed up today in the classroom.

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